Thursday, October 14, 2010

From The Ground Up...

Well, it turns out my being "tired" was actually heading straight into a burnout. Circumstances surrounding this has led me to be jobless at the moment. So I am taking this opportunity to relax, re-energize and get my drive back. I was trying too hard to be productive when I first stopped, thinking this time off was the perfect time to get started on some projects I had, but that was my mistake. I was trying to create something out of nothing, and that nothing was my lack of energy.

So I stopped and did nothing. Yep, you heard me, nothing. For days I slept every afternoon, only to find out that after a week of taking naps, I didn't need them as much anymore. I stayed home and watched movies. And then, the best part: I went to pick up my boyfriend from work and he handed me a video game that was marked down that I had been eyeing for some time. I stared at it, and asked him: "Should I buy this? I know it is only 20$, but I don't have a job and am trying to save what money I have..." His reply: "You're supposed to be relaxing. You can't relax if you're bored all day at home."

This video game is Harvest Moon: Tree of Tranquility. A simple game on the Wii in which you are a young farmer who moves to an island in order to start a new life. You plant and grow crops to generate an income, which you can use to build a chicken coop and a barn, buy and take care of various animals, make friends with the townspeople and even seduce and marry the girl of your choice (or guy, but I find the girls more likeable).

In about 3 days of playing this game practically non-stop (I love the Harvest Moon games), I found myself to be more relaxed than I had been in ages. And today I found an inkling of that drive I was wishing for come back to me, hence me writing this post. I hope I have plenty more to post soon!

Take care, and remember to relax!