Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Re-Energized, And Loving It

Alright! I seem to have found my long lost stores of energy and motivation. Where I currently live at, I do not have many friends. They all have their own lives and seem quite busy for the most part. So here I sat with little to no social life, and wondering what I was going to do with my life.

So, thinking this may have been one of the reasons for my latest blue mood, I decided to go see my parents and some great friends and see if it would help. After a week spent away from home, I come back, somewhat relaxed, energized and motivated. I seem to have found myself again! I am starting to tackle cleaning (something I've been wanting to do, but never had the drive for) and found something new to learn. I'll be elaborating on that one later.

The friend I went to see also ruined my ability to stay in our dark apartment all day long. My mother always said people need sunlight, and staying at my friend's place, who could never seem to get enough of that light, seem to have made me used to it. Now I find myself looking around our dark apartment and finding it too gloomy. So, I went hunting for our white curtains, and put them in place to be able to stay by my computer and enjoy the outside light. I wonder how my darkness-loving boyfriend will react to that... Guess we shall see!

Take care, people! And get some sun!