Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Resuming The Quest For Happiness

After many months of hiatus, I return to the blog with a new desire to write. Apologies for the long delay!

It has been pointed out to me that I have been getting depressed again lately. But this time, I have no job dragging me down. However, it seems that my job search has me a bit bothered (fear of getting another stressful job, perhaps?), and I have been getting bored at home. I have been doing some thinking as to what may have been gnawing at me lately, and have been unable to figure out what. Today, something hit me: Why search for the negative when I can spend my time and energy creating more positive?

Hmm, I seem to recall coming to this conclusion several months back when my doctor stopped me from working. Nevertheless, my reoccurring epiphany has prompted me to start looking for the little things in life that bring happiness. Hopefully I will stumble upon some big things along the way! Life has a tendency to make you forget about being happy. Thus I begin my quest to introduce happiness into every fiber of my being! I hope you'll tag along for the ride!