Friday, November 12, 2010

The Power Of Sound

Well, two days ago I had trouble sleeping, and woke up as cranky as could be. So after a few hours of dragging my feet and growling at anything that so much as looked at me funny, I figured the best idea was to go back to bed, take a nap and try to salvage what was left of my day. But once I cuddled up in those nice, warm blankets I love so much, I wasn't feeling any better. In my head were a swarm of negative thoughts. I tried to calm down and think happier thoughts, but no luck.

Then I had an idea. There is this application I downloaded on my iPod Touch one day as I was browsing through the random categories of apps. It was called Focus+, and it was free! So I had downloaded it, but never really used it. I reached for my iPod and started up the application. The sound I had chosen was called "Paradise". It is a wonderful blend of the sounds of flowing water (which I love) and birds. Those negative thoughts were instantly swept away. Instead, I pictured myself laying back in a lawn chair beside a crystal-clear river, surrounded by wonderfully bright exotic green leaves (with touches of blue and red) as birds in the trees sang happily. No creepy crawlies, no dangerous animals, no other people. Just... A wonderful, beautiful place to relax.

As I try to work on different things, I always feel the desire to pop in a movie or some episodes of a comedy series as I work. But as it provides some background sounds, it also provides distraction. So I will be looking for some background music to work to, and if I find anything that I greatly enjoy, I will be posting about it!


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