Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Wake-up Call

One movie I fell in love with when I first saw it is one most people have probably already heard about. The movie is James Cameron's Avatar. I just bought the Collector's Edition of the movie. I love seeing how special effects movies such as that one are made, and there were a lot of deleted scenes. It was expensive, and I was hoping it would be worth it. But there was something I wasn't expecting.

When I watched the movie, I saw the ugliness of mankind. The way some people will completely disregard nature, and destroy it if it will benefit them. I'm not talking about people clearing a plot of land to build themselves a house. I mean on a larger, industrial scale. I actually feel bad that I would not be able to discard my computer and PS3, and go out to live in nature with bows and arrows. I feel bad that we are so technologically advanced that most of us would no longer be able to live in tune with nature, to completely immerse our lives in it as we once were.

But I had labeled the movie as just that: a movie. I mean, as far as I was concerned, that was what mankind COULD become if we were not careful. But, with scientists warning us of the impact our actions have, with people fighting for the environment, we wouldn't fall back into that kind of greed, would we? We wouldn't go as far as ignoring a civilization for our personal benefit, would we? I know I am naive, and I was shown I am just that.

There was a video on those DVDs called "A Message From Pandora". In this video, James Cameron visited indigenous tribes in the forests of Brazil. Turns out, the industrial world was planning to build a dam in a river they were living by to generate electricity for them. This would cause their lands to be flooded, and they would have to leave their homes to live in other areas. It was the Avatar movie, only in real life.

It made me want to change things. As James Cameron had said: there are so many other ways to generate electricity that would not be harmful to the environment. Is it that those methods are not cost-effective? Too expensive to implement? Whatever the reason may be, those methods are being ignored, when really, we should be using them more.

I wanted to start my own company so I would have freedom in my career. I was also thinking that I could use any profits to make the world a better, greener place. Plant trees, finance projects to help the environment. When I ended up in a burnout because of my previous job, I lost the drive to work on it. Maybe this will kick-start it back. Being my own boss sounds good. But making a positive impact on the environment always sounded amazing to me.

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